BananaPaint - 30 second manual

Banana Menu:

    1. About BananaPaint - Displays information

    2. Maybe DeskAccessories???

File Menu:

    1. New - Creates new BananaPaint document.

    2. Open - Opens existing BananaPaint document, or takes a picture from the camera, or loads a picture from your Photos.

    3. Close - Closes current document.

    4. Save - Saves current document.

    5. Save As - Saves current document under another name.

    6. Revert - Reverts to previously saved document.

    7. Print - prints to iOS compatible printer, or ImageWriter if configured properly.

    8. Quit - quits BananaPaint.

Goodies Menu:

    1. Grid - snaps tool coordinates to a grid

    2. FatBits - enlarged pixels for fine dot editing

    3. Show Page - shows whole document at a time for navigation

    4. Edit Pattern - allows for pixel level pattern editing

    5. Brush Shape - allows for choosing shape of paint brush

    6. Brush Mirrors - configures mirror / kaleidoscope feature

    7. Introduction - online help

    8. Short Cuts - feature list

Font Menu:

    displays available fonts usable with text tool

Font Size Menu:

    displays sizes of fonts usable with text tool

Font Style Menu:

    displays styles of fonts usable with text tool

BananaPaint FAQ

Q: Seriously?
A: Seriously. OG MacOS developer from 1984. I loved the platform. It was my career from 1984 - 2010. Even shipped a NeXTStep app. (Objective-C since 1991)

Q: What are the three keyboard buttons at the bottom left?
A: Because the original Paint app was keyboard enabled, holding down a modifier key allowed special features such as snapping to grid, modifying border color, etc. This feature is surfaced here.